Hello there, I'm Bill Grigg, a resident of Virginia and I own a farm named Toddsbury in King and Queen County near St. Stephens Church. This site is published to tell you a bit about me and my farm. You'll find some photographs here and a few links. The photographs are all linked to large images. Just click on them to view a larger image. I've opted not to have a guest book here. To check in with me, just leave a comment on the Blog. I'll see it in my mail.


Toddsbury is located in rural King and Queen County, Virginia about forty miles northeast of Richmond. It consists of close to nine hundred acres on the Mattaponi River. There's about 3 1/2 miles of river frontage there. The place is rich in animal and plant life.  A large percentage of  Toddsbury is in cultivation and is farmed by a local farmer.  A hunt club rents the hunting rights and has the run of the place during hunting season.  I also have a large lake, an airport and a pistol range there. The airport is a grass strip that's oriented northeast by southwest and is about 3,000 feet long. It's on the local sectional and shown as a private grass strip. It's always fun to have people fly in but you'll need prior permission to land  Just Write me if you want to use it. Also, I'm always looking for someone who wants to hangar or tie down their airplane there on a permanent basis. Again, please write me to discuss arrangements. I have several friends who use the place for flying, fishing, pistol practice and one who does a bunch of photography here. ( Some of his photography is on this site. He also sells hiking sticks that are cut on the farm.)


This area is rich in history. The farm was once the site of Todds Bridge which was an incorporated town. Todds Bridge was a span across the Mattaponi that existed for many years. It was the last navigable stop on the river and steam boats came up that far. During the American Revolution, there's a record of Hessian prisoners crossing the bridge. The Bridge was a casualty of the Civil War. The Yankees burned it. Also, some of the old maps show an Indian Town having been located there. Indian artifacts have been found on the river bank.


  I'm Bill Grigg and I own the place. Flying is a passion of mine. I'm a Certified Flight Instructor and am available for biennial flight reviews. Just write me to arrange for one.  Toddsbury has always been a very special place for me my family and friends.  During growing season I keep a garden there  All of the seasons on the land are special but there's nothing like the first days of spring. The Mountain Laurel and the wild flowers are beautiful. I've set up a little Blog to record my musings about my visits to the place. Feel free to visit it and leave me a comment.